Face Mask Favorites


Face masks are just about the only thing you can use on your skin that will provide immediate results. If you’re into instant gratification, these are my current favorite face masks that will leave your skin looking incredible.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud:

This is for all the dry skin ladies out there. My skin is so incredibly dry that if I don’t slather on my serums and moisturizers right after cleansing my skin feels like the Sahara. Enter: ThirstyMud. This stuff smells like a vacation (read: coconut) and hydrates like a dream (thank you, hyaluronic acid). You can leave this on overnight, but I would recommend not sleeping in something brown and sticky…unless you don’t care about staining your pillowcases. 30 minutes is enough to leave your skin feeling super soft and plumped.


Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask:

Pumpkin. Pie. In. A. Jar. This stuff smells like basic white girl and I don’t mind at all. (Clearly I have an olfactory fixation because if something smells good I automatically put it on my face). If this stuff makes it onto your skin and not into your mouth (plz don’t try) you get a combo of manual exfoliators from the aluminum oxide and the chemical exfoliators from the AHA. Leave it on for 3-7 minutes and your skin will be the softest baby skin you have ever felt. I love using it when I’m looking a little dull and uneven because it helps decongest your skin and gets rid of that dead top layer. If you have sensitive skin, try using for just 1-2 minutes the first time as you might feel a little tingling/burning sensation and don’t want to overdo it.


L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Detox + Brighten:

I am SO excited that L’Oreal launched a line of clay masks this year. FINALLY we get some high quality stuff at the drugstore. Apply this clay mask to areas where you have enlarged pores and watch in disgust and satisfaction as you literally witness the oil being drawn out of your pores. If you have oily skin, it’s totally fine to use all over your face. For dry skin, just apply specifically around areas with enlarged pores as this formula is pretty drying. For even application of the mask, I like to use a cheap flat foundation brush that you don’t use for makeup. Black clay mask under fingernails is not a cute look.


Happy masking!


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