Gold Brushed Fall Nails

Fall NailsFall Nails

In an effort to fully embrace every #basic fall impulse that comes to mind, I created this nail look on Sunday while hungover on my couch. I wanted to create something that was easy for shaky-handed fools like myself to create, but looks like you could have stepped out of a Paintbox (ain’t nobody got $$ for that). This one’s a winner, I promise.

What I Used:
Orly Bonder Base Coat
Essie Berry Naughty
Essie Good as Gold
Seche Vite Top Coat
Mini Fan Brush (super cheap on Amazon or craft stores)

Apply base. Let Dry. Apply 2 coats of Berry Naughty. Let Dry.

Apply a few drops of Good as Gold onto a paper plate/magazine/non-porous surface of choice. Take the mini fan brush and tap just the tips of the brush into the polish. Starting at the outer side of the nail (so left side on left hand, right side on right hand. Or whatever side you want, you do you) drag the brush lightly across the nail to the midpoint. Repeat on all nails.

Let nails completely dry before applying top coat. THIS PART IS CRUCIAL. If you apply your top coat before the gold is dry, you’ll ruin the design and it will look muddy mixing in with the burgundy color.

Now go enjoy your nails while drinking a PSL wearing UGGs while apple picking with some foliage in the background.