How To: Remove Glitter Nail Polish


Happy New Year!!! Every girl knows that New Year’s Eve is synonymous with glitter…lots of glitter. Every year I paint some sparkles on my nails thinking it’s the best idea ever (!!!) until I’m faced with taking the glitter nail polish off. Glitter polish is notoriously impossible to remove, but through many a hungover January 1 I have managed to find a way to take it all off with minimal effort.

What you need:
Nail Polish Remover with Acetone
Cotton Balls
Tin foil cut into ~2″ rectangles

Step 1: Tear off pieces of cotton balls into thin, manageable pieces. Saturate one of the pieces in nail polish remover and place on top of the nail.

Step 2: Take a piece of the tin foil and wrap it around your nail with the soaked cotton. Try to completely encase the cotton so none of the liquid seeps out. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 on as many nails as you need.

Step 3: Leave the foil on for about 10 minutes. This is essentially the same removal process that a soak off gel would use, only you won’t have to scrape off the excess and damage your nails!

Step 4: Pull off the foil and cotton from your nails. There may be some residual glitter but the majority of it should come right off with the cotton. If you need to, you can quickly go over all of your nails with a fresh cotton ball and some more acetone to get all of the excess off.

Just like your fresh clean nails, I hope all of you kick off 2017 as a clean slate. This year is going to be your year, and I wish you all the happiness and motivation you deserve to kick ass in 2017! Happy New Year!